Earth Corporation Vietnam

We, Earth Corporation Vietnam, are a member of Earth Corporation, Japan.

The “Earth” in our company name expresses our predecessors’ hope to provide useful products to people all around the globe. For more than one century since our foundation in 1892, we have aspired to realize a healthy and comfortable life for people and have steadily developed along with society by continuously delivering high-quality products. We will continue to serve the lives of more people across the world so that we can contribute to a more fulfilling and comfortable life.


Creating a Market with customers


Passion – Innovation – Integrity


We act to live in harmony with the Earth


Earth Corporation Vietnam contributes to improving the living environment and quality of life for every Vietnamese family

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New Product

Mondahmin mouthwash

Mondahmin mouthwash is Japan’s No. 1 brand. Developed based on a formula that help you clean your teeth every day, protect oral health of the whole family with unique taste, refreshing and clean.

  • Mondahmin Peppermint Mouthwash: Japanese Mint flavor is very pleasant and pleasant.
  • Mondahmin natural care mouthwash is inspired by natural ingredients to help protect healthy teeth
  • Mondahmin Total Care Alcohol Free – Total care, with an alcohol-free formula, so it does not cause uncomfortable burning feeling in mouth when using.
  • Mondahmin Kids Grape Mouthwash is for children over 6 years old, with a grape flavor they love.

Household Insecticide

Produced under Japan quality standards and high technology, the eco-friendly, safe household insecticide products named ARS and RedFoxx protect your family from annoying and harmful insects.

Household Care

With the passion of providing high quality, eco-friendly, and safe products,  Gift household cleaner products will help your household cleaning become more convenient and efficiency.

Air Freshener

All collections of Ami and Daily Fresh air freshener are inspired from the best delicate natural scents, bring endless source of emotions to your living spaces.

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