Greeting From Earth Group CEO

Based on its corporate philosophy of “We act to live in harmony with the Earth”, the Earth Group helps customers realize more comfortable living spaces and maintain daily health through its products and services.

In creating those products and services, we place the highest priority on producing and delivering quality that generates excitement from the customer’s perspective. We also aim to steadily expand the scope of our activities, step by step, by focusing on social issues with a long-term view.

In addition to action oriented toward the future, we will advance initiatives aimed at fulfilling our social responsibilities. To help achieve a sustainable society, we will join hands with concerned business partners and the industry as a whole, rather than taking a go-it-alone approach. Specific initiatives toward this end include helping eradicate insect-borne infectious diseases, contributing to oral hygiene, reducing waste to lower our environmental impact, appropriately managing chemical substances with concern for the environment and health, creating satisfying workplaces, and promoting diversity.

A company cannot stand by itself. People are everything. We believe that when each of us takes motivated action toward our goals, the sum of our passion can produce great value and bring smiles to the faces of even more customers.

We will continue working to achieve growth, striving to be a company so that all Earth Group stakeholders can feel happy and proud to be a part of.

Earth Corporation



Years Of Development

Founded in 1892 by Hidezo Kimura in Osaka (Namba) – Japan.  




The group has over 4167 employees worldwide.



Group companies

The Group has 9 subsidiary members over the world.

Advantages of Earth Corporation


Product Development


Production Management


Sales Strategy


Global Strategy

Earth Corporation Viet Nam

Earth Corporation Vietnam was established in 2017 in order to expand Earth Corporation activities globally. Earth Corporation Vietnam has focused strongly on production and distribution of household insecticide, household cleaner, air care products.

Global Network

Earth Corporation has group member companies and factories spread throughout many countries over the world, such as Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam.

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