Natural Spray Air Freshener Jasmine Tea & Freesia

Product information

OASIS Natural Air Freshener Spray is a brand from Thailand, produced in Vietnam according to the quality standards of Earth Corporation Japan. With a water-based formula that does not contain alcohol, it does not cause unpleasant strong fragrance while using, combined with a carefully selected high-quality and long lasting fragrance extracted from nature. OASIS Natrual will bring your living space full of freshness, comfortable relaxation as well as remove unpleasant odors.
There are many choices of fragrance:
- Ice Lemonade & Bamboo
- Jasmine Tea & Freesia
- Lavender & Musk
- Sweet Floral & Pink Rose

Directions for use

Shake well before use. Hold the can upward and point spray nozzle away from face. Then press button firmly and spray toward middle of the room or any desired places.


Jasmine Tea & Freesia

Net content

320 ml

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