Deordorant spray for Bedroom– Lavender & Chamomile

Product information

Sukki-ri deodorant liquid is researched and developed at Earth Corporation Japan with a special formula
Sukki-ri deodorant liquid contains 3 times natural deodorants ingredient, eliminating unpleasant odors while spreading a pleasant and relax fragrance to your living space.
Design of the bottle with a wide-range spray nozzle helps to instantly eliminate unpleasant odors, brings a high-class fragrance everywhere.
The fragrance is carefully selected based on the characteristics of eliminating unpleasant odors commonly found in bedroom. Deodorize bedroom with specially Lavender & Chamomile scent to immediately eliminate musty odors commonly found in bedroom, and bring relaxing scent, good for your sleep.

Directions for use

1. Shake well before using
2. Unlock safety lock
3. Keep can upright
4. Point the spray nozzle away -> spray into bedroom


Lavender & Chamomile

Net content

400 ml

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